Attraction from “socialization” intercity duc long gia lai bus station

As the first business in Vietnam implementing pioneering socialized intercity bus station (2006), Duc Long Gia Lai intercity bus station has quickly demonstrated its strong attraction by owning a chain of bus station satisfied national requirements with friendly and professional standards in variety cities and provinces which meet the transportation need from passengers.

Efforts to overcome difficulties

In 2003, Gia Lai Provincial People's Committee approved the investment project to build bus Duc Long - Gia Lai Duc Long Private Enterprise (now the company PT eGovernment public services Duc Long - Gia Lai) employed investors are present in more than 20 thousand m2 area. Ben is built to comply with the policy of socialization of the service sector of the province, with building standards rated level 1 bus station with the system is the construction of a spacious, sync. Therefore, determining Bus project construction is an important condition contributing to the development of Gia Lai.

In 2003, People’s committee of Gia Lai Province approved investment project to build Duc Long Gia Lai bus station for Duc Lon Private Enterprise (now the company is changed to Investment And Development Public Services Duc Long GiaLai JSC) as a main investor with a size of 20,000 m2. The station was built and complied with the policy of socialized of the province public services and with the standard of being the first class services so that it could be the key factor to develop the province .

Duc Long Gia Lai, a first intercity bus station complied with the direction of socialized bus station from Government

 Being the first company doing in this area with no previous experience Duc Long Gia Lai had faced many difficulties, worry and thinking too much because there is no previous example or any other companies for Duc Long Gia Lai to learn from. In the beginning days, there are only 50 transport companies with around 600 vehicles operated in the station with limited skill staff.

“The more difficulty, the more effort Duc Long Gia Lai had put into the project. The company’s management team put this into actions by applying all Resolution, Regulations, Directions, allocating tasks, executing plan and completing HR system and also, stick to the plan and direct directions from Provincial People Committee, Transportation department and other relevant departments of Gia Lai Province. Company leaders also identified difficulties to gradually overcome, promoting good local strengths. Especially company’s leaders always "the more strength you have, the better you will overcome" and dare to think, dare to do ... "Mr.Chu SyHoat, former Director ofDuc Long Bus station said.

Besides, the leaders organized different training and learning from other national bus stations’ experience in management and services for employees. Management activities is not only internal use but also for external use related to the station in order to increase the safety standard and meet the customers’ requirement and create advantages for drivers. After a short time, with the support from government as well as transportation department, bus station is well operate and organized now.

New look

Walk around the bus station with Duc Long Gia Lai management team, the reporter was surprised of the scare, infrastructure of the bus station which is spacious and synchronized. From the office area to waiting area will fully equipped and clean and comfortable seats, ticket counters, restaurants are organized and friendly. Areas for business operator is spacious layout, convenient for passengers with published fare regulations for passengers to know.

Until now, after more than 10 years of implementing the socialization and development policy established (01/01/2006), Duc Long - Gia Lai bus station completely change the look, management style and services; Pioneer became the first bus station model nationwide implementation “socialization” guideline with friendly customer service, civilized and convenient …

Talking with the reporters, Director of Duc Long - Gia Lai bus station Mr.Nguyen Tuong Cot rnelius said the bus station has more than 900 routes connect all over the country with more than 70 units of transport enterprises operating in the station. The average daily production has approximately 300 out – going times, with over 50% new model cars. Bus stations also sell tickets to passengers from 5am until 9 pm, hence there is no passengers have to stay back in the bus station.. Since then, the operation of the station is runningsmooth, stable and constantly developing.

Mr. Nguyen Tuong Cot – director of Duc Long  - Gia Lai bus station

This has contributed significantly to confirm and enhance the brand name of the station as well as the transportation companies. The Bus Station also fully follows country’s obligations and participates on charity. Result of all the efforts put in is the bus station has meet the requirement to be the type 1 bus station and the leader team has always been praised by the local government ... Director of Long - Gia Lai bus station emphasized.

Colonel Pham Van Uan - Chief Police ofGia Lai Province reviews: Duc Long - Gia Lai bus station always is "bright spot" in the work of ensuring security during the years, the leader of the bus station has been associated with relevant government department to spread out the traffic regulations. Bus station’s leadership has strongly put scientific and technical advances in the management of each of the car, each unit created style transport civilization, modern.