Dlg: appointed new ceo for mass noble company in hongkong

On 06.05.2016, in Mass Noble Investments Hongkong office, the company hold a ceremony to introduce new CEO of ANSEN Electronics Company, a DLG’S subsidiary, in order to replace Mr. Barry Pettitt who is no longer taking the role of company’s CEO.

It is a pleasure for Ansen Electronics Company to have Mr. Paul Anthony Murphy to joint Ansen as a new CEO. With more than 35 years of working with different international companies around the world such as Flextronic, Ixone, IDT, Elite, Vtech and so on, Mr. Murphy has gained deep knowledge in electronic component area and also strong experienced in managing a giant company. Moreover, it is a great advantage for Ansen when Mr. Murphy re-joins the company again as he was a CEO of Ansen from 2012 to 2014.

Having Mr. Murphy taking CEO role ofAnsen Electronics Company is a necessary step and it is a part of personnel restructuring plan because it helps the company to increase revenue and profit in strategic sector, which are producing consumer electronic component in China and Vietnam market.

During the New CEO welcoming ceremony, speaking on behalf of BOD of DLG, Chairman Bui Phapcongratulated Mr Paul Anthony Murphy on his new position. Mr. Bui Phap also expressed his strong belief in Mr. Murphy that as a highly expertise in this area from his work experience included CEO positionof Ansen, Mr. Murphy will bring Ansen to the new stage of developing.

In 2015, the DLG Group has successfully purchased and merged Mass Noble (Ansen Hong Kong) by share swapping. This is a large-scale company located in the city centre of Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China with over 3,300 employees, specializes in producing high-tech electronic products such as high-tech LED for furniture, cars, streets and highways; LCD screens and so on exported to America, Europe, annually contributed revenue of hundreds of million dollars. In addition, the company is the 3rd largest company compared with other 250 companies producing same products in Guangdong, China.

After passing the resolution for consumer electronics sector to be one of the DLG strategic sectors on annual shareholders meeting in 2014 and successfully owning Mass Noble Investments, DLG Group is going to do other projects with Korean and Japanese based companies which invest in China. Moreover, DLG is also expanding this strategic sector in Vietnam thorough investing and opening new factories. Therefore on 21st April 2016, Quality System Integrated Corporation (QSIC) is officially belonged to DLG group. This factory is a modern building with a size of 18,000 m2 located in the High-Tech Park - District 9 HCMC.  At the moment, the factory is set up and expected to start producing products on October 2016.

Thus, in next 03 years, Ansen factory and the factory at High Tech Park - District 9 HCMC and other M&A activities will help DLGL to improve revenue from consumer electronic components sector expecting $ 200 million USD and from that revenue, significant profits will be contributed. All of them will increase revenue and profit for Duc Long Gia Lai Group as well.