Continue doing merge and acquisition activity with international companies, DLG is developing rapidly in consumer electronic component sector.

With the determination to take the production of electronic components field becomesone of the main strategic sectors, contribute to a significant increase in total assets, revenues and profits, DLG is continuous using M & A technique so as to purchase US, Korean and Japaneseconsumer electronic components companies which is operating constantly.

In mid of 2015, Vietnam market had been received a shock news which is DLG and Mass Noble successfully finished a merge and acquisition transaction by using share swapping method. This transaction helps not only DLG to own ANSEN company which has a factory in PRC but also step into a consumer electronic component market and open a new way for other Vietnamese companies to do acquisitions with foreign companies by using the same method.

After becoming a member of DLG group, Mass Noble Hongkonghas been re-structured in order to have the same business scope and vision. Until now, Mass Noble is constantly developing and becoming a representative of DLG in international market in order to help DLG in negotiating others merge and acquisition with Japanese and Korean companies to expand the business. As a result, at the end of June, Mass Noble successfully purchased DLG-Hanbit, a Korean company that has head office in Seoul, South Korea.

Besides international market, DLG also focuses on domestic market, DLG purchased Quality Systems Integrated Corporation (QSIC) factory, an American based factory, at High Tech Park in district 9.  The factory is set up at the moment and supposed to start its production on Oct, 2016 and will be a supplier to Korean and Japanese market.

Through M & A activities, DLG has obtained an international standard management system, which helps to improve consumer electronic production so that revenues and profit will also be improved. Along with M & A activities, ANSEN’s international customers and Hanbit’s long time customer relationship help increasing DLG’S brand name reputation and its position in worldwide market.From this, it is easier for DLG to raise capital, especially capital from international financial organizations. Until now, there have been many international investment funds show particular interest inDLG by becoming shareholders of DLG such as Global Emerging Markets Fund (GEM, USA), Pyn Elite Fund (Pyn), Citigroup Global Markets Ltd., Das (USA), BOK Investments (Korea) and so on.

In order to capitalize the advantages of the treaties which Vietnam has been participating as FTA (Free Trade Agreement), TPP (Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement), DLG is continuing negotiate and finalize the documents in order to become a main partners of US companies (Canon, Azad international, Whirlpool, Honeywell), Korean companies (LG, Hyundai) and Japan companies (Sony, Panasonic). This is an important step in helping DLG become a leader in area of manufacturing electronic components.

Mr. Bui Phap, a Chairman of DLG strongly states, "As our confirmation previously, in the next 3 years, the sector of electronic components production will contribute $200 million revenue to DLG. I guarantee that DLG will absolutely achieve this target because of the existing customers and partners and a stable market of the companies after completing merge 
and acquisition activities. "