DLG 2014 Shareholder Meeting: Hot with development strategic of agricultural sector

On the morning of 28 Apr, Duc Long Gia Lai Group (DLG) has successfully organized the Anual Shareholder Meeting 2014 in Pleiku with attendance of over 90% shareholders with 50 guests, strategic partners, financial institutions, potential investors and representatives of media agencies.


Nóng với chiến lược phát triển nông nghiệp

The Meeting has discussed the important issues concerning future development of the DLG. In particular, the issue of restructuring the industry is considered. Accordingly, the Board of Director stated that, the industry restructuring will be a primary concern, focusing on 03 sectors of infrastructure, energy and agriculture for 2014.

Đoàn chủ tọa Đại hội cổ đông DLG 2014

As shareholders and participants comments, the strategies of restructuring is considered intelligent step of DLG while most of other companies are changing, narrow production or conversion of business to adapt to the economic situation. The redirection to the agriculture sector will help DLG taking advantages of the Central Highlands as climate, soil as well as labor resource. Accordingly, in addition to rubber plantation area of 8000 hectares, DLG will cultivate the corn – a short-term agricultural crops on an area of 1,000 hectares in 2014, expand to 2,000 ha in 2015, and 4,000 ha in 2016.

Tập đoàn sẽ tiến hành trồng cây nông nghiệp ngắn ngày

“In addition to restructuring the industry, unfinished projects will be promoted aggressively for operating as soon as possible to bring back revenues and profitability, or decide to transfer some projects to quickly concentrate management resources and capital recovery, namely bring the factory Chu Mo lead-zinc, LAPA, Gia Lai into operation, and exporting products in 2014. Besides, the BOT Gia Lai and BOT Dak Nong projects are ensured to be finished by the end of 2014/ early 2015 at the latest to go into repayment charge via 4 toll booths arranged by Ministry of Transportation (MOT). With agricultural development strategy, the on going projects will bring a significant revenue in 2014 and subsequent years”, Mr. Bui Phap stated.

Chủ tịch Bùi Pháp phát biểu tại Đại hội

The Meeting successfully finished with the agreement of 100% of attendees, expressed the belief and the great expectations of the shareholders to the activities of DLG, opened a new page in the development.