DLGL corporates with the third largest Mongolian company in operating animal bone processing company

Duc Long Gia Lai has signed an MOU with a third largest Mongolian company in order to invest and open an animal bone processing company in the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar.

From 13 to 16 of July, Mr. Bui Phap, a chairman of DLGL Group has been invited to visit Mongolia with Vietnam Prime Minister and attend the ASEM Summit 2016.

During the visit, Mr. Bui Phap had different meetings with different famous businessmen as well as large Mongolian companies in order to discuss about the potential business opportunities of using the unlimited natural resources and business opportunities included agriculture. Mr. Bui Phap agrees to corporate with Kredos Co Ltd, a Mongolian company, to invest and build a company which is specialized in animal bones processing with the total investment of 20 million USD. The main function of this company is processing animal bones such as cow, ship, goat and horse bones… to produce protein and Calcium used for animal’s food.

Mongolian market is a potential market for this business type. Mongolia is 19th biggest country in the world, and it has 1.6 million km2 of acreage, about 3 million population and the main economic sectors is people are feeding cattle on the savannah. Mongolia has a total of 138 species of mammals, including the horses, goats, sheep, cows, and camelsreached over 62 million individuals. These are favourable conditions for investment of building factories functioned in processing animal bones withunlimited supply resources.

Mr. Bui Phap, DLGL chairman, states “with the Mongolian potential opportunities, this factory will be a suitable and effective investment for DLG in the future. Products from this factory are not only used to supply in domestic market but also international market such as CP company (Thailand).”

After all, investing into international companies from other countries like Mongolia, Korea, Japan and US companies such as Ansen company (Hongkong), DLG-Hanbit (Korea)…. shows that DLGL has a strong financial ability, effective business result and variety business products.