Duc Long Gia Lai: Officially announced large-scale (nearly 11.000 billion VND) livestock project.

From 2013 to present, the Group has emphasized on researching, building a network of partners, investment in large-scale agricultural with high-tech applications and closed chain of agricultural products for testing before starting long-term and sustainable development strategies" Mr. Bui Phap, Chairman of Duc Long Gia Lai Group stated.
Duc Long Gia Lai has started their actions right after the announcement of restructuring strategic from the beginning of 2014 with 3 focal sectors: infrastructure, energy and agriculture. There have been some leaking informations of the “rich and famous” person in Central Highland entering the sector of large-scale and high tech livestock from beginning of the year. However the official announcement of the project of 11,000 billion VND in the Central Highlands has just been revealed.
Cooperate with Vinamilk and Delaval 
The Group will invest in large-scale dairy farms with 80,000 dairy cows, 45,000 beef cows , total investment up to 11.000 billion VND including infrastructure, grassland, farm, breeders and human resources. The entire purebred dairy breed with best quality and yielding Holstein Friesian (HF) will be directly imported from Australia, US and a part from Vinamilk. Beef cows will be imported from Australia which is well adapted to the tropical climate. Initially, the investment is focused on 3 provinces of Dak Nong, Dak Lak and Gia Lai. In addition to thousands of hectares of available land, Duc Long Gia Lai is accepted by Dak Nong, Dak Lak and Gia Lai for land surveying up to 20,000 hectares,despite the fact that land use for 80,000 cows and 45,000 beef cows just around 7500-8000 hectares,. Accordingly, the Group will conduct surveys at 6 districts (Krong No, Dak Mil, Cu Jut, Dak Song, Dak GLong and Tuy Duc) in Dak Nong, 4 districts (Krong Nang, Residential M'gar, Ea Kar, M'Drak) in Dak Lak province and Chu Puh district of Gia Lai province. "Despite the fact that the demand is 7500-8000 ha, we still decide to study on 20,000 hectares since dairy land is picky, the selected territories has to be in accordance with 06 criteria such as: modes of transportation, stable power system, groundwater and lake for disposal, terrain, suitable temperature and away from residential areas. To get the right choice, we conducted the survey with Delaval (Sweden) - the leading Group on barn solution. Therefore, we believe that the selected area is in accordance with international standards ". Mr. Bui Phap, Chairman of Duc Long Gia Lai Group, stated:
During the time, Duc Long Gia Lai were looking for domestic and foreign strategic partners for the projects. Until now, the Duc Long Gia Lai reached official agreements with the Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk) on imported breeds, barns, farming techniques, staff training, consumption ensurement and Delaval as well as gaining the support from the Binh Duong Livestock Research and Development Institute. "With the support from three reputable companies, the first beef cows will be on farms in 3 provinces by first quarter of 2015 and the first dairy cows by second quarter. Thus, until the end of the year, we should urgently proceed and finish remaining 
items of the project to ensure the quality of barn and the feed for coming cows” Mr. Bui Phap said.

Pic: Mr Bui Phap
Mechanization of grassland and agricultural crops 
To ensure adequate nutrition for the cows and the greening of barren hills, wasteland 
with the aim of creating sustainable green environment, Duc Long Gia Lai Group is using the system of grassfield and short day agricultural crops with mechanization cultivation. The grasses seed will be imported, combined with a number of species which have been hybridized with domesticated one.
In harmony, the Group also carried out construction of agricultural manufacture factories located in Krong No, Dak Mil, Tuy Duc of Dak Nong Province; Krong Nang, Ea Kar of Dak Lak province and Chu Puh of Gia Lai province. The factories with high tech machinery and equipment from Buhler, Switzerland and capacity of 300 tons / day/each will ensure the plentiful food reserves for the projects as well as contribute to the current shortage of animal feed.
In addition to agricultural products manufacture, the factories will purchase more agricultural products from farmers in order to meet the growing needs of the farms and local demand. The activity is extremely practical in encouraging agriculture development, creating local jobs for thousands of farmers by exploiting the fogotten or ineffective land
 The fact is millions tons of corn, soybeans, soybean residue... have been imported with the prices up to $ 2 billion/ year. The livestock industry faces many challenges. Facing this situation, the large-scale material development strategic of the Duc Long Gia Lai should be encouraged and incentives to contribute to animal feed industry development.
According to the plan presented by BOD of Duc Long Gia Lai Group in the 2014 Shareholders' Meeting, the large-scale development strategic is only part of on-going restructuring strategy. In future, the new sectors of long term investment will continue to be revealed.