For dlgl, investing in real estate in hochiminh city, quality is the key criteria

After 20 years operating, DLGL has achieved certain of succeed from different sectorssuch as BOT, agriculture, energy and electronic components sectors, hence DLGL has contributed to the country’s economic in general and to Central Highland in specific. Continue complying with the existing successful business strategy, in 2016, DLGL has expanding its business to another area that is real estate in Hochiminh City.

Due to the government supports on home loan and increasing in number of young customers who would like to buy an average standard house, the real estate market is “reborn” again. Home loan credit check is getting easier and Vietnamese-Foreigner is allowed to own or/ and invest in houses in Vietnam now. Both of them have become attractive criteria for Vietnamese-Foreigner to invest in real estate area. In addition, many free trade agreements (FTA) was signed and went into effect on enforcement, particularly the Agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will take effect in 2018, and the other Agreements will be signed in the near future for creating advantages fororganizations and individuals who invest abroad, doing business and living in Vietnam. Hence, demand for house purchasing of foreigners will also increase, particularly for the middle to luxury segment apartments in the central urban areas. These advantages suggest that investing in real estate with multitypes of product is workable and catch – up with the market trend.

DLGL is confident to enter a new market

The success of investment activities in infrastructure, expanding consumer electronics component sector through M & A, agricultural activities and energy have brought DLGL a stable cash flow growth. Success followed success, DLGL is confident enter a new market which is investing in Real Estate in HochiminhCity Market. It starts with 5 Real Estate projects for standard houses. Currently 3 projects with 2,500 apartments and a total investment of 4,000 billion VNDhas been started. These projects are receiving positive feedback from professionals as well as consumers. The two remaining projects are in progress of completed legal procedures and will proceed at thebeginning of 2017. In addition, People's Committee of Hochiminh City, DLGL as investors is chosen to do the infrastructure projects in the form of BT, PPP to trade in with land in the district 1, 2, 4,7,8 and10.

With solid financial strength and stability, along with experience, success in real estate construction in the Central Region Highlands, DLGL choose to develop real estate with a long term strategy and variety of real estate products, mainly focuses on three types of products: traditional real estate products such as apartments, villas, townhouses; another“2 in 1” product such as shop-house, officeteland resort. The DLGL product line is designed with architecture towards open space, modern, sharp, subtle colours and luxurious furnishings.

Golden Land – a project received positive review from professionals and customers

In Hochiminh City real estate market, DLGL directly againsts real estate giant companies.

Joining real estate market in Hochiminh City, DLGL has accepted a direct challenge from major real estate corporations. However, DLGL has its own advantages. This firm owns construction companies with having many years of experience in the industry; direct mining, processing and trading of natural granite in quarry areas of Central Highlands; business in natural wood products branded Duc Long Gia Lai - this is the traditional industry has affirmed trademark in the domestic and foreign markets. Thus, DLGL can be proactive in construction projects and ensure self-supply of raw stone, wood furniture products, for projects of their real estate. Through it, DLGL is also able to control the quality of construction, quality of materials, control the duration of construction and reduce construction costs.

Bui Phap, a Chairman of DLGL said "Investing in Real Estate, BOD of DLGL has been identified as a long-term development strategy. Based on its existing experience in the field of Real Estate and research, capture customer trend from time to time, DLGL Real estate business can build a suitable strategy matching with the market need and requirement with a 10% cheaper price compared withother major brands on the Real estate market. Not only that, DLGL also implement policies to support the loan, payment policies consistent, convenient, and bring the most benefits to the buyer. "Product quality is our survival point" is company’s slogan throughout the whole process of developing real estate projects".

It can be said that even though the real estate market is witnessing a massive landing of huge companies from different fields of activity, DLGL strategy and product line is still expected to response all the demand for home buyers in the near future.